Praise and worship

Christian Ethos

A structured, loving, nurturing environment with the focus on the holistic development of each child. To provide our learners with a spectrum of foundation skills needed to cross over into the formal learning situation at Charterhouse Preparatory School.

Charterhouse has a Christian ethos, but we welcome other religions. A right living programme is implemented which educates, encourages and promotes life skills and virtues.

At Charterhouse we demonstrate our core values each day by:

P               taking PRIDE in ourselves and our school

R               RESPECTING each other

O               creating our own OPPORTUNITIES

S                striving to SUCCEED in all we attempt

P               PERSERVERING to achieve our goals

E                approaching each other and each day with ENTHUSIASM

R               taking RESPONSIBILITY for our actions

A               by being ACCOUNTABLE

R               by RECOGNISING others for their efforts

E                striving for EXCELLENCE