Meet the Principal



It is a privilege to be involved in building the life of a Charterhouse child. Happy children throng the spaces of our campus whilst enthused educators encourage, challenge and engage our children in a curriculum that is reflective of excellence and international accreditation.

No moment could be as soulful and memorable as the bagpipes accompanying our Grade 7 children on their Long Walk from Honours Evening at academic year end. Here it is that as a school community we come together; our tradition of Piper and bagpipes confirming that we are as a school, a living entity of powerful, lasting teaching moments and inspiring achievements.

Respectfully, working in partnership with our teachers, parents, children and the community, our core values Pride, Respect, Opportunities, Success, Perseverance, Enthusiasm, Responsibility, Accountability and Recognition of Excellence encapsulate the school motto PROSPERARE, striving to build up a child to be the cause of their own success.

Mrs Natalie Thwaits, Principal Charterhouse Preparatory


Curriculum / School Hours

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An excellent, holistic, Cambridge International Primary and National IEB Integrated Education.



Christian Ethos

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At Charterhouse we demonstrate our core values each day.



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Representation on the Johannesburg Mini Council affords Charterhouse Schools the opportunity to become involved in community service social interaction and charitable giving.


Sport / Cultural Activities

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Becoming involved in at least one of the co-curricular activities is encouraged, as extra-mural participation facilitates a positive self-esteem and the building of healthy social skills.