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Cambridge International Primary and National IEB Integrated Education

Charterhouse is a proud member of the Cambridge International Primary Programme.

The Charterhouse curriculum is vibrant, challenging, and interactive.

English, Maths, and Science are Core Cambridge Curriculum subject areas.

Prescribed elements of the National Curriculum are covered.

Continuous assessments ensure necessary and timeous individual support, intervention, and goal setting.

Internal Cambridge Primary Achievement Tests are administered in Grade3.

International Cambridge Primary Checkpoint English, Maths, and Science Exams are written in October of the Grade 6 year. Candidates are awarded their certificates of achievement in January of the following year.

IEB papers are written by the Grade 5, 6, and 7 children. These papers together with the Cambridge papers are an effective benchmarking tool ensuring a reflection of effective and excellent teaching methodologies and standards.

Professional and committed staff actively engage the children in the education process.

Small classes are assigned Register teachers to ensure that the individual is nurtured and involved, whilst Specialist teachers cement specific subject knowledge and skills.

The inclusion of Thinking Skills as a curriculum area requires children to, individually and as a team member, creatively and critically process many diverse cultural, community, world and personal scenarios.

The Right Living programme promotes the Charterhouse belief that good manners, respect, and self-esteem are fundamental to a child’s development. A sense of pride and strength of purpose are values that are integral to the growth of every Charterhouse child.

Grade 1 – 3 Grade 4 – 7 Administration Office
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