Swimmining Gala

Charterhouse has a fine tradition of participation and sportsmanship in the sporting and cultural arena.

Becoming involved in at least one of the co-curricular activities is encouraged, as extra-mural participation facilitates a positive self-esteem and the building of healthy social skills.

Charterhouse fields are often abuzz with children eagerly involved in interschool and inter-house activities.

We are a proud Gold Flag Eco School. Vegetable gardens, worm farms, recycling initiatives, and other green activities are undertaken by Footprints, our Eco-School group.

Culturally, Charterhouse can boast about an enthusiastic, vibrant, and acclaimed Music and Cultural Department. Musicals, productions, talent shows and Linder Auditorium performances are co-ordinated around the curriculum and are supported by  marimba band, choir, drumming, guitar, piano, and vocal lessons.

The extra-mural programme caters for a host of activities, interests, abilities, and prowess: cricket, chess, hockey, softball, tennis, athletics, soccer, netball, swimming, choir, drama, art, and marimba band. Children are always encouraged to explore their interests in other sporting and cultural activities such as piano, drumming, guitar, vocals, karate, and golf. These efforts are celebrated and recognised.

Cultural Extra Murals offered through the school

Art Clubs max 24 in a class. (Grade 1’s – 7’s).

Junior Drama Club (Grade 1’s – 3’s).

Senior Drama Club & Modern Indian Dance (Grade 4’s – 7’s).

Junior and Senior Choir: (Grade 2’s – 7’s).

Marimba Bands:  Grade 3 – Grade 7. Three sessions per week, groups will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, about 20 in a group.